Institutional Partners

Special Thanks

Many people contributed to the successful completion of this project – enough that we fear in our attempts to acknowledge them, we may only call attention to having forgotten someone and their worthy assistance in our efforts. With apologies for any regrettable omissions and our sincerest thanks to everyone, named or anonymous, who graciously gave their time and expertise, we would like to especially acknowledge the following individuals.

Many individuals at Emory University’s Robert W. Woodruff Library took time outside of their already busy schedules and routine work in order to answer our questions, assist with various project tasks, and generally support the life of the project. Rob Riley’s early advice on and examples of database systems sparked ideas for our own database. Naomi Nelson and Teresa Burk of MARBL (Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library) helped locate and prepare rare materials for digitizing as well as for various presentations on the project. Anne Frellsen, of the Preservation Office at Emory University Libraries, assisted also with digitizing efforts and met with members of our team to discuss best practices for photographing and digitizing historical artifacts. Lisa Macklin’s advice on copyright helped guide the collection of images for the site. At the insistence of Lea McLees, the library’s Director of Communications, we documented our work on the project – a task greatly aided by Francine Thurston, Matt Miller, and Sarah Toton, who all gave generously of their time and abilities in photography, videography, and video editing, respectively. Jim Kruse, Shannon O’Daniel, and other members of both Emory’s Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT) and University Technology Services (UTS) regularly and graciously gave their time, tools and resources, and expertise to help ensure that all team members – both on site and off – could fully participate in project meetings. Finally, Ginger Cain’s enthusiasm and energy for sharing information about the project continues to put us in touch with new people interested in the project and new possibilities for continuing this work.

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